Join us in celebrating Black History Month by recognizing an early resident at Woodburn.

Jane Edna Hunter was born at Woodburn Plantation on December 13, 1882, to former enslaved Edward Harris and his wife Harriett Milliner.  Jane spent her early years at Woodburn where her parents were sharecroppers.  After relocating to Cleveland, Ohio, Hunter observed the lack of decent employment and housing for women in Cleveland.  In 1911, she founded the Phillis Wheatley Association in honor of an early American slave woman poet.  The Association provided safe lodging, job training and wholesome recreation for young African-American girls moving up from the South. Jane Hunter’s work was so successful she received support from leading philanthropists like John D. Rockefeller, Jr.  She maintained that the association’s purpose was “to afford Black women an opportunity for fuller development, to promote growth in Christian character and services through physical, social, mental and spiritual training.”  She firmly believed that youth must be trained with a purpose. In 1940, she published her autobiography, “A Nickel and a Prayer,” which documents her journey to enrich the lives of these young women. 

This great leader of 20th century died in 1971 at the age of 89. A reproduction of a slave/tenant cabin interpreting the life of Jane Edna Hunter is located at Woodburn and is part of public tours of the house and grounds. 

To commemorate her life that began at Woodburn, the Foundation is working on a documentary project concerning the life and works of Jane Edna Hunter. The Phillis Wheatley Association is still active today.




Our annual Farm Day event is set for Saturday, March 25, 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Bring the family and discover a day of farming with exhibitors, farm equipment, animals, games and more. Traditionally held at Ashtabula Historic Home, this year we’re hosting it on History Lane between the Ag Museum and Woodburn.

You’ll be able to tour the Bart Garrison Agricultural Museum of S.C. and Woodburn Historic Home. All for only $5 per person (ages 4 and under are free). Food vendors will be selling snacks, food and drinks. Plans are still being finalized so check back later for more details.