support_volunteerWe rely on our volunteers to help us preserve and pass on the rich history of Ashtabula and Woodburn.


Volunteer Your Time
We are always happy to welcome new volunteers! You can volunteer your time by:

  • Giving tours of the houses and the grounds
  • Working in the gift shops
  • Participating in historical reenactments
  • Assisting with research
  • Helping to improve our landscaping
  • Helping with administrative tasks, including maintaining visitation statistics and mailing lists
  • Helping with newsletters and publicity
  • Volunteering other skills, such as gardening and carpentry

To volunteer, call 864-646-7249 or email pendleton.hf@gmail.com.

Volunteer at a Special Event

The Foundation sponsors a number of special events per year, and having a large number of volunteers are critical to their success. Some such events include:

  • Annual Membership Dinner
  • Ghosts of Pendleton Past
  • Victorian Teas
  • Historical Reenactments:  Reenactments featuring events from Pendleton’s heyday in the mid-1800’s. Come play the part of a character from the past – costumes and scripts are provided.

Please check the webpage for upcoming events to volunteer and bring your family and friends!

Volunteer at a Wedding or Reception

Woodburn is a popular site for outdoor weddings and receptions from the months of April to October.  If you’re interested in working with the bridal party or being a host at a reception then contact us today! Any necessary training will be provided.