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As a non-profit educational organization, the Pendleton Historic Foundation recognizes the importance of teaching our state’s history to students in both the 3rd and 8th grades. We would like to invite you and your class to come visit Woodburn or Ashtabula in order to experience this history first-hand.

Call 864-646-7249 or email us at pendleton.hf@gmail.com.

A trip to either house would help to meet several of the state education requirements for younger or older students, and we have provided age-appropriate games and activities for students to complete in conjunction with your field trip. Click on your age group below to see more information


  • tour the house
  • do lessons in an 1830s classroom
  • play 19th century parlor games
  • play with 19th century toys
  • learn to write with quill and ink
  • learn about Native American trading practices and make a necklace
  • visit the herb garden
  • compare life today with life in the 1800s

Current Pricing:
Students – $5 – $7 based on number of activities
Chaperones: $6

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Elementary School

Middle and High School


  •  Third Grade Social Studies Standards
  • Eighth Grade Social Studies Standards

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