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Ashtabula and Woodburn are available for your special events! Call today for booking information. 


Grounds Rental for Weddings and Private Events

From April through October, the grounds of Woodburn and Ashtabula are available for rental for a minimum of 3 hours and up to 8 continuous hours per day.

Basic Rental Package for Large Events

Eight (8) continuous hours on the day of the event including time for set-up and clean-up:

Up to 150 guests-$1,800 + $500 security deposit*
150 – 250 guests-$1,900 + $500 security deposit*
250 – 350 guests-$2,000 + $500 security deposit*
350 – 400 guests-$2,100 + $500 security deposit*

Basic Rental Package for Smaller Events

Three (3) to five (5) continuous hours on the day of the event including time for set-up and clean-up:

50 or less guests @ rate of $250 per hour
3 hours – $750 + $200 security deposit*
4 hours – $1,000 + $200 security deposit*
5 hours – $1,250 + $200 security deposit*

* The security deposit is refundable and is required to cover any damage, overrun of time, or for extra clean up required. The security deposit, minus any extra charges, will be returned within thirty (30) days after the event.

Included in Wedding or Private Event Rental:

  • The perfect background for a wedding ceremony at the Victorian Carriage house with a brick patio in front and a brick aisle way leading from the bridal changing area in the house to the carriage house.
  • Use of a spacious front lawn for a reception including a large (19’X19’) brick dance floor and ample space for tents of various sizes.
  • Use of a 24’X48’ covered pavilion with lighting and overhead fans, located close to restrooms.
  • Use of a bridal dressing area with dress racks & large mirror located on the house ground floor.
  • A complimentary hour for a wedding rehearsal on the day before the wedding
  • A complimentary hour for a wedding portrait sitting on a day prior to the wedding.
  • Tours of the first floor of the house museum for guests during the event

Not Included:  Catering, rental equipment including tables, chairs, linens, and decorations, speakers, etc.

Requirements to Reserve an Event Date:

A deposit of $500 by check made out to the Pendleton Historic Foundation must be provided to hold a date for the event.  To confirm the booking, the security deposit must be paid, and the signed rental contract/agreement returned to Foundation wedding coordinator within 90 days after booking  The full rental fee plus the refundable security deposit is due 120 days prior to the event.  A late fee of $50 will be deducted from the refund of the security deposit if payment is received 14 days or more past due date.   

Cancellations/Refund of Deposit:

There is no penalty for cancelling a reservation within 30 days after the date that the deposit is received, and a full refund will be made.   If a cancellation occurs after 30 days of receipt of the deposit, the deposit will not be refunded.  

Rental Equipment:  The Pendleton Historic Foundation has an agreement with Tri-County Rentals located in Piedmont, SC, ( or 864-295-8775) to provide whatever rental equipment that might be needed including tables, chairs, tents, extra lighting, etc., for the cost of the rental.  Arrangements for rental equipment and payment should be made directly with Tri-County Rentals.  Tri-County Rentals typically sets-up rental equipment at least a day before the event and removes it the day after.  The time used by Tri-County Rentals to set up and remove the rental equipment is not included in the rental period covered by the contract.   

Catering: The Pendleton Historic Foundation has an agreement with Boulevard Catering to provide catering services for weddings at Woodburn Historic House.  Boulevard Catering is a full service catering company with many extras including bar tending services, cake cutting, and clean-up for a very reasonable price.  All arrangements with Boulevard Catering should be made directly with their catering manager, Randall Cox at or 864-882-8933.  If Boulevard Catering is not available to cater a specific event, another caterer may be used with the prior approval of the Foundation event coordinator.   All food vendors allowed on site must be DHEC licensed.  If liquor is to be served, a professional bartender must be used.

Wedding Director/Wedding Planner:  The Pendleton Historic Foundation requests that bridal parties use Roger Chapman as the wedding director for the day of the wedding to ensure that everything goes smoothly.  Mr. Chapman is a local florist who can also plan the entire event for you for a reasonable price.  We request that you work directly with Mr. Chapman (864-650-7578).    


  • No Smoking is allowed on any part of the grounds inside the gate and fence.
    • A minimum $200 clean-up fee will be deducted from your security deposit if cigarette butts are found on the grounds after the event.
  • “Sparklers” are not allowed on the grounds for safety reasons.
  • Glass beer bottles are not allowed on the site without the prior approval of the event coordinator. Other types of glass containers are allowed.
  • Loud music must stop by 10PM so as not to unduly disturb our neighbors.
  • If a rented dance floor is used, it must be placed on top of one of the brick patios provided on the grounds.

Extra Hours:

Up to 2 extra hours can be purchased if needed at the rate of $225 per hour for a maximum of 10 hours for those leasing the grounds for an 8-hr event.  No extra hours past the 5-hr maximum are allowed for those who select the package for smaller events with 50 or fewer guests.   Notice of the intention to purchase extra hours must be given at least 3 weeks prior to the event.   In all cases, the event must be concluded and cleaned up by 11 p.m.

Membership Discounts:  Members of the Pendleton Historic Foundation (Family Membership and up) receive a 10% discount on grounds rental rates.   Membership applications are available on request.

Required Wedding Suppliers

  • Rental Company: Tri County Rental Center – Piedmont, SC (864-295-8775) –  Jason Bryant. 

  • Caterer: Boulevard Catering Co. –  Randall Cox – Catering Mgr. (864-882-8933)       

      or Andrew Merritt (864-617-8884) owner if Randall is not available.

    • Full service catering company located in Clemson offering a broad selection of food and can provide glass plates and goblets, silverware, linen napkins, and full clean-up afterwards.  They also offer bar service and cake cutting.
  • Wedding Director/Planner:  Roger Chapman – Pendleton – 864-650-7578
    • A wedding director is required to ensure your special day goes as planned.

Please contact these suppliers directly and make payment directly to them.


Other Recommended Wedding Suppliers

Alternate Wedding Planner / Wedding Director (If Roger Chapman is not available):   Kim Clark – 864-430-2174

Wedding Cakes:  Village Baker – Pendleton – 864-646-5800 , Walnut Street Bakery  – Seneca  864-882-5816, Holly’s Cakes – 864-224-6655

Flowers:  Roger Chapman 864-646-7272 (including Fern Rental), Designs by Karen Link–Pendleton 864-934-8599

Bridal Luncheon & Honeymoon Stay:  Liberty Hall Bed & Breakfast –

Photography:  Rebecca Perkins Photography – 864-723-2057 /, Kenny Fey Photography – Seneca 864-882-7552

Videographer:  VA Films – Vic Aviles – Anderson – 864-723-4710

DJs:  Ty Buchanan – 864-940-4338, Ben Phillips – 864-933-2547

Chamber Music:  Classic Touch – Andrew Levin (864-653-3112) or

Security:  Anderson County Sheriff Dept. – 864-260-4400 ($35/hr)

Honeymoon Travel:  Timeless Tours & Travel – Jean Vegod   864-646-8864


Clean-Up after the event:

  • It is recommended that you allow at least 1-hour for clean-up at the end of the event to prevent overtime charges. All events must end at 11PM, including clean-up time.
    • Boulevard Catering provides the clean-up of extra food, cake, and food service items as well as trash/garbage removal leaving the wedding party responsible only for removing any personal items and decorations brought onto the site for the event.    
    • Rental items provided by Tri-County Rental (tables, chairs, linens, tents, etc.) can typically be left in place at the end of the event with the exception of table cloths which should be removed from the tables by the caterer, folded and placed under cover on the porch.  Tri-County Rental Company will pick-up on the day after the event including Sundays.