 Tavern Night at Ashtabula! 

Friday, November 2nd 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. 

Come by Ashtabula on Friday, November 2nd to learn about the unique history of the on-site Inn & Tavern that predates our main house. We will be talking about traditional food ways in our kitchen and examining some historical home brewing methods from long before it was cool! While you’re here, take a tour of the big house and if you’re age 21 or older, have a free glass of our homemade ginger beer; traditionally served at room temperature, of course! 

Admission: Adults $10, Students $5, Kids $3, and Tots ages 3 and younger are in free.


Just because PHF doesn’t have an event planned at Woodburn this month doesn’t mean YOU can’t! In fact, we host private events all the time.

Baby showers, birthday parties, family reunions and more! Just call Jackie Reynolds at (864) 650-0003 and ask about renting our new pavilion. Pavilion packages start as low as $125 for three hours!