Board & Committees

Jackie Reynolds and Carol Burdette holding PHF’s 2015 Miles Award

The Pendleton Historic Foundation is governed by an 19-member Board of Directors and managed by our Foundation Director and a staff of volunteers. The Board of Directors meets on the 3rd Monday of each month, February to November at 5:30 at Pendleton United Methodist Church. In addition, a half-day planning retreat is scheduled in early January of each year, often followed up with a mid-year reassessment session in July. 




Board of Directors


  • Powell Hickman, President
  • Rebecca Pokorny,Vice President
  • Cara Hamilton, Vice President 
  • Jackie Reynolds, Treasurer
  • Tim Drake, Secretary


  • Carol Burdette
  • Kim Burgess
  • Jack Cantrell
  • Ingrid Jackson
  • Mary Bess Johnson
  • Jo McConnell
  • Eric Lapin
  • Chuck McCuen
  • Mary Orem
  • Rick Owens
  • Pam Patterson
  • Lee Garrison Smith
  • Chris Tedesco

Standing Committees

The following committees are open to all volunteer members and are typically directed by a board member. The purpose of these committees is to help meet the Foundation’s needs and work towards the objectives that promote educational services and help preserve the homes. Below is a brief explanation of each committee’s responsibilities. If you would like to volunteer to a committee, please contact us through our e-mail or phone number located in the Contact Us page under the About Us section.

  • Ashtabula and Woodburn Site Committee – Ashtabula and Woodburn Site Committee are responsible for structural preservation projects, annual maintenance, site planning, and caring of the collections at the Foundation.
  • Site Interpretation and Education Committee – Site Interpretation and Education Committee are accountable for house tours, volunteer training, and scheduling/developing projects in order to educate students about plantation culture and knowledge about the houses.
  • Finance and Planning Committee – Finance and Planning Committee facilitates developing annual, financial, organizational plans, and budgets. They also manage grant development, financial oversight for other committee activities as well as financial reporting and stewardship for the Foundation.
  • Programs, Special Events & Marketing Committee – Programs, Special Events and Marketing Committee are in charge of organizing historic reenactments and other events held at Ashtabula and Woodburn. This committee also assists in gift shop sales and the site and grounds marketing.
  • Historic Pendleton Committee – Historic Pendleton Committee is responsible for community outreach on historic preservation issues such as providing education and assistance on development of preservation and conservation easements on historic structures. This committee also works with related organizations to provide education about historic preservation to the community.